Helping Thought Leaders Communicate Big Ideas

Helping Thought Leaders Communicate Big Ideas

People with big, bold, sometimes disruptive ideas are the ones who will help us meet the dramatic changes happening in the workplace now, and in the future (think, evolving global markets, warp-speed technology advances, and a new and very different generation of workers).  But people with trailblazing ideas need to be effective, persuasive communicators in order to convince people to follow their lead. That’s where PowerSpeaking and its new partnership with DisruptHR San Francisco come in.

Giving thought leaders in the Human Resources and Learning & Development fields a platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas is DisruptHR’s mission. They are a worldwide, event-based information exchange, which organizes speaker events within DisruptHR “communities.”   PowerSpeaking is partnering with DisruptHR SF to offer event speakers next-level speaking skills workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching prior to the events. The first session we’ll support is on October 15, 2019, in San Carlos, California, in a joint effort with the San Francisco DisruptHR community.  

“We are delighted to have chosen PowerSpeaking to help us realize our mission,” says Michael Grove, CEO of Collabworks, organizer and prime sponsor of DisruptHR SF.   “We can’t think of anyone better than PowerSpeaking to help us build a top-notch community of speakers who are shaping the future of how we work.”  Grove adds that, “CollabWorks is empowering human-centric organizations to continuously invest in and improve the value of their talent.” 

Thought leader John Hagel III will deliver his “Redefining Work” keynote at the October event.  Following the keynote will be a “lightning-round” session where eight speakers will have five minutes each to deliver their best, most innovative ideas.   At press time, there are still openings for lightning-round speakers, so if you or someone in your organization is interested, check out the DisruptHR SF fall 2019 event page.  If you have questions, contact You can also view past DisruptHR talks here

It takes an effective “stage” and clear, convincing communication to launch big ideas that introduce new and better ways of working.  And so, we’re excited to be working with DisruptHR SF, CollabWorks, and their thought-leadership communities. 

On the journey with you,
The PowerSpeaking Team

An Invitation to join our DisruptHR Speaker Community

An Invitation to join our DisruptHR Speaker Community

It is our pleasure to invite you to join our Speaker Community and speak at our DisruptHR SF event. Please join John Hagel III and other trendsetting speakers at our October 15, 2019 event located at the Domenico Winery in San Carlos. Our theme is Human-centric Organizations – where performance is optimized by ongoing improvement of the individual and the organization to their mutual benefit. We are looking for fresh and provocative content, ideally presented for the first time. The speaking format is challenging and provides you an opportunity to polish your skills.

Our goal is to build a top-notch community of speakers who are shaping the future of how we work. We provide you expert training and coaching by PowerSpeaking and Heroic Voice Academy. Our objective is to provide you an outstanding experience and to enhance your reputation as a speaker. Below are a few quotes from speakers at our April 30th event: 

This has been a real highlight experience.  You are setting a new bar.  As a speaker, it’s been awesome. Very engaging and rewarding.  A hugely positive experience   

Vlad Coho, Automation Anywhere

The value of it (the preparation) was incredible.  I appreciate how valuable all that work was.  It’s an experience that I think a lot of people should go through.

Susan Sanders, HR Connect 365

I got a lot out of the individual coaching.  What worked for me were the live sessions and practice runs.

Greg Silva, TextNow

Participating in DisruptHR yields huge dividends. You’ll receive marketing publicity prior to and after the event via social media, publications, and press release. Additionally, you will:

  • Create a signature presentation which will foster your personal brand and reputation
  • Receive intensive training by experts who coach Ted speakers and keynotes
  • Elevate your thought leadership reputation on Crunchbase, social media, and the DisruptHR community
  • Receive exposure to some of the most influential HR executives in the Bay Area

Please apply via this survey. If you would like to see examples of previous talks go to

If you have any questions please email Carrie Beckstrom at

Human Centric Organizations

Human Centric Organizations

The crux of an organization’s rationale is its ability to create value. A human-centric organization (HCO) views the individual as the core of value creation, not job titles and organization charts. Vibrant, adaptive organizations function less by structural authority and more as networks or marketplaces of internal customers and service providers who collectively serve external customers and market needs

A modern organization applies talent and resources as a fluid “gig economy” of internal and external providers and consumers bound together by objectives and processes to deliver value. HCO’s strive to balance business and individual needs while addressing business outcomes. Transparency is essential for human performance and adaptive agility. Each individual, team, and function are contributors to operating success and profit margin.

By viewing all work in the form of services where each individual, team, and function provides a series of services to benefit a customer (internal or external) of each service, HCO’s can evolve from any organizational culture or structure.  An individual at any level will “own” 6-10 services that make up their service profile (or job). The result is an on-going agile change process driven by both internal and external customer needs. Waste can be continuously challenged. Much of managing overhead is replaced by self-management where the individual owns their customer’s experience and is empowered to bubble up initiatives and lead improvements.

Human centric organizations produce amazing financial results, as everyone participating in the organization is aware of their contribution. HR plays a strategic role in HCO evolution by owning the entire use of talent. Like Finance acting to manage costs, HR acts to optimize the value (margin creation) of talent.

HR + Bots: 2021-7% of HR Will Be Bots

HR + Bots: 2021-7% of HR Will Be Bots

We have just finished a study of 455 services provided by HR and examined each service for its application for bots. No surprise – candidate and employee communication are the best near term potential. The study examined the use case among many bot ventures and included in-depth interviews of several vendors and their customers. The study estimates a served available market (SAM) of the 2x of the Forbes 2000 to be about $2.2B by 2021. This is based on a bottoms up analysis which estimates that 7% of the 455 HR services will be performed by bots by 2021, accelerating to 21% by 2023, and thereafter flattening out to about 25% by 2025. Initial traction is primarily in high volume talent acquisitions and employee (customer) service applications. We don’t see jobs being replaced, rather we see jobs transforming to higher value services.

For further details please contact David Coleman, Director of Research at CollabWorks. (

Rabbit Holes and Elephants are Pointing to Changes in HR

Rabbit Holes and Elephants are Pointing to Changes in HR

For years now, we have talked about the HR function and speculated how it may change going forward. Talent acquisition (TA) is a good example of an area of HR that will likely change a lot going forward because it has several tedious and repeatable (automate-able) work steps. If the primary role of TA is to meet headcount objectives, then the time-consuming aspects of TA could be automated or outsourced. Our research indicates that about 25% of HR’s existing functions could be performed by automation (machine learning, etc.) by 2023. (TA represents about 40% of the automation opportunity.)

The Elephant in the room is that change is coming to HR and the function must reinvent itself to stay relevant.

The good news that HR is fully capable of transforming into a strategic business function. The rabbit hole is also in the room. HR can be the function that delivers increase business performance from the organization’s use of talent. Instead of just being a service to the BU’s, HR can also be responsible for optimizing the talent to achieve the revenue forecast. Why HR? Like Finance, HR is cross functional and is the only function where the hiring, developing, and retaining talent are core responsibilities.

In order to own the business performance from use of talent, HR needs new capabilities that are relatively easy to develop. First is understanding and managing the use of talent. To do so, HR needs to know (with data) what the talent is doing (the work) and how the work aligns with workers’ talent capabilities. For example, our research shows that top talent on average is only doing 30% top talent work. So, the first step for HR should be to help the BUs increase top talent work per top talent worker from 30% to 50%. The result is an increase in value creation and most likely a reduction is new headcount needed.

Secondly, HR needs to be able to establish and support value-based objectives inside the BUs. Like Finance uses budgets to control costs and minimize waste of financial resources, HR could use new tools and data to create talent “budgets” to ensure that talent is used efficiently. Current HR tools such as assessments, pulse-surveys, OKRs, and performance reviews focus on individual employees and their engagement. While important, there is no hard correlation between actual value produced and worker engagement. In order to drive workforce margin contribution, HR needs to establish objectives and provide services to the BUs that measure and correlate the use of talent with margin contribution to the company.

CollabWorks provides important capabilities needed to HR to become a strategic business function.

Our focus at DisruptHR SF is to present new ideas, innovation, and thought leadership that will help HR leaders transform HR into a strategic business function. We need your support and talent as executives, thought leaders, and innovators! Please apply to be a speaker. And please join our DisruptHR SF community and participate at our  October 15 event.

Is your company’s Culture a Performance Oriented Culture

Is your company’s Culture a Performance Oriented Culture

Fred Wilson is an iconic venture capitalist at New York City-based Union Square Ventures ( Union Square’s investments include Coinbase, Etsy, Flurry, Indeed, LendingClub, MongoDB, Tacoda, Tumblr, Twilio, Twitter, Zynga, and the list goes on.

In a recent post Fred exhorts companies “to have performance oriented cultures where there are frequent checkins between managers and team members, with feedback going both ways, and where non-performance results in changes. These changes could be restructuring of teams, changes in management, or departures of employees. Companies that do not actively manage performance are likely to have lower morale and toxic issues like resting and vesting” (1). Though Fred’s post was responding to a question about “golden handcuffs”, his response addresses the more significant topic of culture and accountability.

FrameWork is a simple-to-use tool that algorithmically determines the most valuable work performed by your team members. For instance, FrameWork identifies tasks that may have been relevant when your product was first released but are irrelevant now. FrameWork’s elegant mathematics are industry agnostic and work as well for the CEO and line worker of a Fortune 200 semiconductor manufacturer as the CEO and line worker of an SMB plating company.

As your team updates FrameWork, the tool continually identifies the work of greatest value encouraging the next cycle of innovative initiatives with a concomitant increase of discussions between manager and the team. Inherently, engagement increases within the team and throughout the layers of the enterprise. The value of FrameWork is observed in this virtuous cycle of employee engagement, productivity, and personal achievement.

High performance/high valuation Silicon Valley companies such as Google and Pinterest have internally and independently developed dashboards similar to FrameWork. FrameWork is the commercially-available tool that facilitates performance oriented cultures.

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