We have just finished a study of 455 services provided by HR and examined each service for its application for bots. No surprise – candidate and employee communication are the best near term potential. The study examined the use case among many bot ventures and included in-depth interviews of several vendors and their customers. The study estimates a served available market (SAM) of the 2x of the Forbes 2000 to be about $2.2B by 2021. This is based on a bottoms up analysis which estimates that 7% of the 455 HR services will be performed by bots by 2021, accelerating to 21% by 2023, and thereafter flattening out to about 25% by 2025. Initial traction is primarily in high volume talent acquisitions and employee (customer) service applications. We don’t see jobs being replaced, rather we see jobs transforming to higher value services.

For further details please contact David Coleman, Director of Research at CollabWorks. (david.coleman@collabworks.com).

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