It is our pleasure to invite you to join our Speaker Community and speak at our DisruptHR SF event. Please join John Hagel III and other trendsetting speakers at our October 15, 2019 event located at the Domenico Winery in San Carlos. Our theme is Human-centric Organizations – where performance is optimized by ongoing improvement of the individual and the organization to their mutual benefit. We are looking for fresh and provocative content, ideally presented for the first time. The speaking format is challenging and provides you an opportunity to polish your skills.

Our goal is to build a top-notch community of speakers who are shaping the future of how we work. We provide you expert training and coaching by PowerSpeaking and Heroic Voice Academy. Our objective is to provide you an outstanding experience and to enhance your reputation as a speaker. Below are a few quotes from speakers at our April 30th event: 

This has been a real highlight experience.  You are setting a new bar.  As a speaker, it’s been awesome. Very engaging and rewarding.  A hugely positive experience   

Vlad Coho, Automation Anywhere

The value of it (the preparation) was incredible.  I appreciate how valuable all that work was.  It’s an experience that I think a lot of people should go through.

Susan Sanders, HR Connect 365

I got a lot out of the individual coaching.  What worked for me were the live sessions and practice runs.

Greg Silva, TextNow

Participating in DisruptHR yields huge dividends. You’ll receive marketing publicity prior to and after the event via social media, publications, and press release. Additionally, you will:

  • Create a signature presentation which will foster your personal brand and reputation
  • Receive intensive training by experts who coach Ted speakers and keynotes
  • Elevate your thought leadership reputation on Crunchbase, social media, and the DisruptHR community
  • Receive exposure to some of the most influential HR executives in the Bay Area

Please apply via this survey. If you would like to see examples of previous talks go to

If you have any questions please email Carrie Beckstrom at

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