Who We Are


Our Story

Our Founders have both deep startup and large enterprise experience. We have
experienced large company bureaucracies with huge inefficiencies and we have
managed rapid growth startups that suffer from lack of clarity and focus. We began this
business journey with research. Back in 2011, we teamed with the HaaS Business
School at Cal Berkeley and with their MBA students. We interviewed executives of 26
corporations including Autodesk, Facebook, and Intel. Our aim was to explore the root
cause of poor organizational performance that has existed for decades in virtually
all vertical markets.

Almost all the companies we looked at had started out being nimble and adaptive.
However, as they grew and financial performance improved, all companies became
much more rigid and less adaptive. What are the essential elements that prevent
organizations from growing productively? From interviews and more than two dozen
workshops, we boiled down the root cause to the obvious: The way we manage people
and their use of talent. We concluded that a key missing element was the ability to
measure management effectiveness and the use of talent.

Thanks to some early coaching from Gary Hemal, Scott McNealy, and others regarding
management best practices, we developed a new management architecture that clarifies
and improves the use of any type of talent performing any kind of work. We started with
spreadsheets and early adopter engineering and IT customers who wanted to improve
the value they were generating from their talent. Over the last three years we have
evolved our technology into a full-featured enterprise SaaS solution.

Our Purpose

To foster the well-being, empowerment, and leadership of individuals and organizations they chose.

When employees are aligned with matters the most, they are more motivated.

Our Mission

To Enable human-centric organizations that are highly adaptive and motivated cultures. Ignite Leadership. Unleash Talent

Our Vision

To be a reliable trusted resource to help individuals and organizations navigate the present and create a rewarding future.

Our Goals

1. Shift the distribution of work from management hierarchy to work based on internal and external customer demand.

2. Enable Human-centric Organizations where optimal value benefits both the individual and the organization.

3. Measure value creation as well as profitability from the individual level and up.

4. Empower individuals to experience new capabilities and design work profiles that fit their evolving needs.

Our Way

Our Founders have started and venture- funded several success startups. We have followed the traditional top down approach of creating and growing our organizations. We have replicated the org chart model with roles and responsibilities.

We are not going to repeat this process with CollabWorks.

We are going to build a highly adaptable organization where leadership and initiative are defined and driven by serving customers. Each of us manages our services and negotiates our relationships.

As we grow we will becomes a marketplace of teams and customers where decisions are focused on customer value creation – not a financial planning model.

We are a mecca for those who are not looking for a job, but rather looking for a wonderful purpose and an unlimited potential.

Our Leadership

Michael Grove

Michael Grove

Michael Grove is an expert in modern methods of optimizing workforce performance. He has coached and supported CEOs and executives in strategy, turnarounds, and M&A transactions, and has deep operating experience at both large and startup organizations. Michael has over 25 years of CEO experience in venture funded and privately held companies. He has produced several break-through patents and held executive positions in aerospace, renewable energy, semiconductor, information, social networking, and workforce management. Michael holds Bachelor and advanced degrees from California Polytechnic, UCLA, USC, and Wharton.

An Unexpressed idea is never missed.

Yorgen Edholm

Yorgen Edholm

Yorgen Edholm is a Silicon Valley veteran with more than 25 years in the CEO role. Until recently he was the CEO at Accellion, an enterprise software company with over 1900 customers. Earlier CEO positions include DecisionPoint Software and Founder of Brio Technology, the Business Intelligence pioneer that he took public in 1998. Maintaining control without sacrificing agility and flexibility is a big challenge for today’s CEO. Yorgen is coaching CEOs and other executives to help them manage growth and provide transparency to their operations. He is also a trained concert violinist and has performed in Carnegie Hall.

Doing the right thing, then doing it right.

Our Technology Partner

We are proud to have built FrameWork on the OutSystems low-code platform. We were able to create a full-scale enterprise application as a fraction of the cost and development resources. FrameWork provides the most important data of the Digital Enterprise – the work, the use of talent, and the value of both. Many derivative applications such as compensation and workforce mobility can be rapidly implemented using OutSystems – the low-code leader (Gartner).

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