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Helping Thought Leaders Communicate Big Ideas

People with big, bold, sometimes disruptive ideas are the ones who will help us meet the dramatic changes happening in the workplace now, and in the future (think, evolving global markets, warp-speed technology advances, and a new and very different generation of...

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Human Centric Organizations

The crux of an organization’s rationale is its ability to create value. A human-centric organization (HCO) views the individual as the core of value creation, not job titles and organization charts. Vibrant, adaptive organizations function less by structural authority...

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HR + Bots: 2021-7% of HR Will Be Bots

We have just finished a study of 455 services provided by HR and examined each service for its application for bots. No surprise - candidate and employee communication are the best near term potential. The study examined the use case among many bot ventures and...

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How do you Justify Your Hiring Plan?

The Harvard Business Review published, "What to Do if Your Team is Too Busy to Take On New Work" (1), an article written by Pinterest's Global Head of Customer Operations, Dutta Satadip. Dutta laments the annual business planning cycle where every manager pleads for...

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What is Work?

Gartner is questioning current management models and wondering if they are still useful. This is great and well overdue. An example is “what is work?” We believe more than ever that the what, why, and how we work either is or has changed, or wants to change and is...

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A More Valuable Alternative to the Annual Review

Patty McCord (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pattymccord/) is a Silicon Valley human resources veteran who worked for iconic Valley startups such as Seagate, Sun Microsystems, Borland, Pure Atria and, most famously, Netflix. Joining Netflix within a year of its founding,...

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