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FrameWork is at the Core of the Digital Enterprise

FrameWork is at the Center of the Digital Enterprise

Businesses run on applications and data. Most IT organizations have digital integration strategies. The objectives are to streamline data flows, reduce human participation in processes, and speed up decision making. FrameWork produces data that is at the core of the digital enterprise, namely, the work in the form of services, its value, and the use of talent. Thus, FrameWork addresses many essential business problems.

Top Line Growth

FrameWork produces “free” headcount to address growth opportunities.

Scaling Excellence

Simplifying managing avoids typical complexity from scaling


Empowers leaders and innovation at all levels of the organization

Leverage Top Talent

FrameWork produces “free” headcount to address growth opportunities.

FrameWork is at the Center

It powers the new digital enterprise, providing information needed to produce effective results.

Customer Innovation

Providing an ongoing process of improving customer experience

Aligning the Culture

The process of managing and valuing work is the same at all levels of the org

Return on Labor

The value of services (work) is modelled, improved, and measured

Talent Acquisition

The first step in reducing TA costs by 50% is to better use existing talent


Top Line Growth

Improving top line growth is complicated and depends on several factors starting with market demand, competitive environment, product/service features, available talent, and the ability to execute. Given limited resources it is the effectiveness and efficiency of managing your talent that is within your control to improve top line growth.

FrameWork contributes by:

  • Freeing up talent resources by increasing revenue per FTE (employee). More sales or marketing staff; Increased R&D; better customer service.
  • Focusing talent resources to improve customer experience – inside and externally.
  • The work performed are prioritized by customer need. Innovation is identified and performed to improve the value of services.
  • Lean practices and design thinking are built into a customer-driven process.

It’s not about the shoes, It’s about what you do with them.

Michael Jordan

Scaling Excellence

As your company scales, revenue growth often decreases due to market forces. While growth leverages fixed costs and benefits margins, the complexity of scaling the organization very often produces waste and inefficiencies that hinders margin growth.

FrameWork contributes improved financial performance by:

  • Simplifying and improving the effectiveness of the manager role.
    • Individuals are empowered to manage themselves; reducing managing time.
  • Avoiding budget-based workforce planning models and allocating the use of talent based on value creation.
    • Talent use decisions are often made based on budgets instead of resourcing talent based on the most valuable work.
  • Human capital is typically your largest discretionary expense and opportunity to improve.
    • A 10% improvement in revenue/labor is like 10% “free” labor to spend or not hire.

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.

Francine Jay


As your Mature organizations are struggling to be more agile. They are transforming by breaking down traditional silos and creating problem-solution teams. They are using lean methods and sprints to execute faster. Still, challenges remain such as management and communication complexity. The least amount of managing and complexity to execute the more agile and adaptable the organization.

FrameWork will improve your adaptability by:

  • By continuously measuring and minimizing the time of managing and communicating in order to execute.
    • FrameWork clarifies low value managing and communication, then empowers change.
  • Providing a transparent management process where the role of managing is independent of structure, job title, or team.
    • The process of managing is the same for any management level or function.
  • Adaptability requires both leadership and innovation
    • FrameWork promotes improvement projects driven by leaders at all levels.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

Charles Darwin

Leverage Top Talent

Studies such as McKinsey’s “Global Survey – War on talent 2000” repeatedly said that top talent delivers the majority of the value. In McKinsey’s research only 18% of CEOs believe they hire top talent and only 7% believe they retain them. The shortage of top talent is extreme.

FrameWork increases the amount and value of your top talent by:

  • Giving you a primary metric for measuring your ability to manage top talent.
    • FrameWork provides you a means of identifying your top talent capabilities, work history, and value created.
  • FrameWork customers have shown their top talent is doing 30% top talent work. Once clarified, the average top talent work increased by 10% within 6 months.
  • The most effective means of attracting top talent is the reputation of your use and growth of top talent
  • Providing a transparent management process where the role of managing is independent of structure, job title, or team.
  • FrameWork provides a direct correlation between the use of top talent and their level of engagement.

Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.

Robert Half

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition (TA) has become extremely challenging as the shortage of talent grows. TA is also expensive. There is the cost of recruiters and the time of selecting and onboarding talent. Even greater is the cost of hires that don’t work out. Finally, there is the cost of training which could take up to a year to replace or add to experienced talent. The first step in reducing TA costs is to optimize the use of your existing talent and keep them motivated and engaged.

FrameWork can reduce your TA by 50% or more by:

  • By the nature of organizations, talent is frequently wasted on low or no value work. The greater the waste the more talent becomes disengaged.

    • FrameWork identifies waste and empowers the individual to increase the value of their work.
  • Disengagement and turnover are frequently caused by poor communications between the manager and the individual.
    • FrameWork provides a clear process for communicating the focus and quantitative value of the individuals work
  • The best recruiters of top talent are your own top talent. Their empowerment to achieve and grow will attract the talent you need.
    • FrameWork provides an ongoing process for individual improvement, leadership, and value-based compensation


Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.

John Wooden

Customer Innovation

How many poor customer experiences have you had when “you” and your time don’t seem to matter. Yet, customer experience drives future revenue. If we think about your work as services and focus on who receives the value of your services, these are your customers. FrameWork helps you clarify your customers and the value you provide. Once known, then you identify what changes or improvements are needed to improve your customer’s experience

FrameWork is designed for improving customer experience by:

  • Continuous innovation driven by adapting to changing customer needs.

    • FrameWork supports an ongoing innovation process dedicated to improving the customer experience.
  • Individuals are empowered to address directly their customer needs.

    • FrameWork provides a clear process for communicating the focus and quantitative value of the individuals work
    • Ownership for managing your customer(s) experience. 

Quality in a service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.

Peter Drucker

Aligning the Culture

As Kathleen Hogan (Microsoft) stated: Culture is an outcome. If your culture tolerates waste, disengaged employees, political decision making, you are underperforming. Culture can’t be dictated or driven from the top. Actions drive behavior. A Digital Management System provides the best practices of managing and a transparent consistent process of roles, communication, and metrics to benefit culture.

FrameWork aligns the culture to the business needs by:

  • Providing transparency as to the current and future work of individuals as approved by their manager.
    • Individual and team performance and improvements are shared openly.
  • FrameWork provides a common language and set of performance metrics that are consistent at all levels of the organization.
    • The role of managing is transparent of organization structure thus works consistently among line, matrix or ad-hoc organizations.
  • FrameWork is completely free from judgment. What, how, and why work gets done depends solely on data provided. It has no bias.
    • FrameWork identifies bias and builds trust – core to a healthy culture.

Culture is an outcome, it is the result of how we behave and work in our system.

Kathleen Hogan

Return on Labor (ROL)

Today, budgeting, staffing and managing talent is a politcal art – not a quantitative science. FrameWork provides a quantitative proprietary method for valuing all work as services. Service value for the whole organization is defined from financial data as revenue minus non-labor cost or margin plus labor cost. At the individual level each service provided includes a service value which represents the time spent per service times the relative value of the service times the average labor cost to provide the service

FrameWork provides ROL per service, individual, and organization by:

  • Providing a method of assigning attributes that describe the relative value of each service.
    • Individuals and review teams agree on the service value per group and Framework’s model provides a quantitative metric.
  • FrameWork provides a model to align the bubble up process of defining service value with the top down service value from financial data.
    • The bubble up premises defining the relative value of services (work) are adjusted in order to align with the top down service value data.
  • FrameWork makes value creation visible and quantitative at all levels of the org.
    • Now better decisions can be made to optimize the Return on Labor.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

Saint Francis of Assisi

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