We Make Value Visible

Collabworks makes it easy for everyone to measure their value and improve it

Optimize work and Your Talent
to Their Mutual Benefit

"Managing to optimize value is the holy grail."

Scott McNealy. Chairman
Wayin, former CEO Sun Microsystems

"What matters most: the Work and its value"

Andrea Robb, VP Talent, Culture and Diversity,  Autodesk

Aligning Stakeholder and Shareholder Value

Are Your Talent Decisions Optimized Around Value?

We Measure Value

Are Your Managers Motivating their Teams Effectively ?

We Simplify Managing

Are You Innovating Fast Enough to Increase Value?

We Amplify Innovation

How we do it

FrameWork™ provides you the capabilities to measure, value, and improve your work

We make managing simple, transparent

We foster and measure improvements

We quantify and predict workforce performance

Meet Joe, Architect

He improved his margin contribution by 17% in 6 months.

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Meet Mary, Software Designer

She improved knowledge access and productivity by 3%.

Meet Jerry, CEO

In 3 hours, she made decisons that she attributes to $44M in greater revenue.

The Best Companies are inventing
New Ways of Managing

"We are a design company where the user is as the center of everything." – Bracken Darell, CEO Logitech

"I believe in the micro-enterprise model that is user-focused." – Zhang Rubimin, CEO Haier

Framework – Every individual is motivated to improve their customer’s experience.

Framework – All work has customer(s) who determine its value.

Corporations who have experienced FrameWork

We Simplify Managing!

What can FrameWork do for me?


  • Measure the margin contributions from the entire workforce.


  • Dramatically reduce talent acquisition cost.


  • Get an X-Ray view of people, processes and business tools to optimize productivity.


  • Increase the value of your work and your career value.

Our Story

We love the challenge of solving a huge 100+ year-old systemic problem: Organizations don’t scale well – they become inefficient, bureaucratic, and slow. They are less fun.

Our goal is to offer you a completely different way of managing work and its value – without changing your culture. Instead of optimizing the organization chart, we optimize the individual’s abilities to better serve their customer

This is a Human-Centric Organization

How do we do it?

An elegant architecture and clever technology that measures and improves the value of work, individuals, teams, and organizations.

The result:

Significant performance improvement.

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