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FrameWork ™ Simplifying Managing and do your Best Work.

CollabWorks began its journey to discover FrameWork™ by working with the University of California at Berkeley and interviewing 26 corporations from Autodesk to Facebook. Many workshops, thought leaders, and early adopters have guided us for which we are grateful.
“CollabWorks has it right. Their FrameWork™ technology is the middleware to match the right person to the right work at the right time.”Scott McNealy

Optimize value.

Clarify. Quantify. Qualify.

WaaS is easy-to-use software that enables you to transform the way you work. Clarify, Quantify and Qualifying the true value of both the work and the worker. We optimize both in the same process. Ask us how.
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“Senior executives were thrilled by the approximately 15% identified productivity gains from new project initiatives and provided on the spot approvals to proceed with next stage of implementing these.”Engineering Executive, Fortune 100 Customer

The Work.

What matters most.

WaaS makes visible and measurable the most important information of any business – the work, its value, and the talent required to get it done. Enabling organizations to shift talent away from what matters least and to what matters most.
“The way that we traditionally setup organizations with org charts, and boxes and jobs is ultimately going to go away. We need to attract great talent and we need to mutually benefit.”Kelly Steven-Waiss SVP HR Extreme Networks

The Talent.

Capabilities, availability and desires.

Equally important are the talent capabilities, availability and desires to optimally align the right person with the right work.
"The relationship between the individual and organizations has changed dramatically. The war for talent is over. Talent won.” Jim Ware, Executive Director of the Future of Work Unlimited

Talent First.

Engage and empower talent.

FrameWork™ is a bottoms-up process that starts with talent defining, in their own words the primary services they provide to their customers. Not only are current services defined but individuals suggest improvements and their desired services to increase their value.
“Engaged organizations grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. Highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%.” Corporate Leadership Council

Data. Metrics.

Capture it. Understand it. Value it.

The manager engages with the group to define objectives, service priorities and talent capabilities - building the essential data set to measure realistic goals and improvements.
“In addition to classifying services and talent, worker engagement metrics provided a excellent insight into our organizational health. The FrameWork™ method revealed a set of valuable new metrics for us to evaluate the engineering team and work/services they do.”Engineering Senior Director, Fortune 500 Customer

Accountability. Leadership.

Self directed teams lead improvements.

To improve the effectiveness of the group, teams dig deeper into refining the service improvements recommended by individuals. The teams are self-directed, producing accountability, leadership and innovation skills in individuals and teams.

Plans. Goals.

Quantified, qualitative improvement.

A powerful set of analytical tools provide both managers and workers the right quantitative data to inform and guide ongoing qualitative organizational improvement.

Align. Achieve.

Make the right change, for the right reasons.

Within a few hours, the group becomes more knowledgeable and responsible for aligning the services they perform. And the organization gains the essential data required to achieve value increases for individuals, the group and the organization.

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FrameWork™, scalable for any size organization.
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